How This Product Helps

To Make Money From Solo Ads, You Need To:

  1. Prepare Your Emails 
  2. Prepare Free Gifts To Giveaway
  3. Drag & Drop Your Webpage
  4. Get People To Visit Your Webpage

Copy Paste Profits Is A Step By Step Video Course To Accomplish All These. (Live Demos Included). The course assumes everyone taking it is an absolute beginner to making money online.

If you have some basics, you can be ready in a few days.


This Is What Is Covered In This 4 Week Training Program:

  • Week 1: Learn How To Setup A Squeeze Page
  • Week 2: Prepare An Irresistible Free Gift
  • Week 3: Automate All Your Emails
  • Week 4: Drive Traffic And Build Your Email List





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PiloReview Conclusion 



Course Difficulty Level:

This might sound overwhelming for someone who is new to making money online. But the course makes it very easy to understand. Step by step video tutorials will guide you on setting everything up.


Course Requirements:

You do not need any experience or technical knowledge to start this business. Anyone can do it.

You only need:

1. A system to create webpage.

(The course shows how you can get it for free)

2. Give for things for free

(Students of the course are given over 100 gifts to giveaway)

3. Automated all the emails

(Optional step, but recommended for your business to run on autopilot)

4. Get visitors to your website

(There are two ways to get people to see your website. The first method is pay people to view your website. The second method is to get people to visit your website for free. Both methods are covered in this course.)


Upon completing this 4 modules, you will have an online business that generates passive income for you.